-presides over meeting and preserves order using Robert’s Rules

Co-signer of cheques

Member of all committees


Assists president

Stands in for president when required

Co-signer of cheques

Maintains Membership list

Orders name tags for members


Records club proceedings

Receives and answers club correspondence

Receive and file club reports

Sends cards to members from the club

Co-signer of cheques


Maintains accurate records of club finances

Issues cheques for club expenses

Co-signer of cheques

Submits “Society” membership list and dues


Plans and organizes and advertises field trips

Responsible for accounting of trip participants

Reports on all trips to “Bugle” and website


Assists wagonmaster

Acts as wagonmaster as needed 


Plans activity for monthly meeting

Arranges annual club picnic and Christmas dinner


Overall organizer of the annual club show in June

Delegates committee heads for:

Set-up and Take-Down of venue equipment, Signage, Kids’ Table, Spin and Win, Grab Bags, Silent Auction, Admissions table, Kitchen

Ensures advertising for show is arranged

Ensures liability insurance and business licence are in place

Ensures venue is rented and dates arranged and advertised

Ensures floor plan of vendors is set and distributed

Ensures PA system is in place


Assists Show Chair


Maintains all aspects of the “shop”

Collects and reports on income and expenses of the shop

Organizes training for Shop Supervisors

Ensures shop schedule is posted on website

Oversees purchase and disposal of club equipment


Advertises club meeting date, time, and location in local media each month

Assists Show Chair in advertising annual show


Publish and send out the monthly Club newsletter to members and Zone Clubs and BCLS

Receive submissions from members for publication


Senior Delegate

Attends Zone meeting and Reports on clubs doings

Raises issues that concern all membership clubs

Reports on Zone meetings to General Meeting

Intermediate Delegate

Attends Zone meetings (as required) to learn the ropes

Represent our club when required

Junior Delegate

Elected for a 3 year term and moves up 1 level each year until they are the Senior Delegate and then they take on those repsonsibilities