Gemboree 2011

This year's Gemboree, June 8th - 10th was held at Charlie and Lena Hallstrom’s place.

Campbell River, B. C. 

This years Gemboree went very well indeed, about 50 people from various clubs participated over the three day period. The weather was great and we raised $500 for the Island Zone and had lots of fun doing it. Thanks so very much too all the people who donated rocks, helped out with the carving class, organized field trips and helped with cooking and the ever popular clean-up.

This is the first time we have had the metal detector treasure hunt for kids and it was extremely well received. The rock and equipment auction was quite competitive with lots of humor and bidding wars; all 74 items went. The Yahtzee challenge had two crazy lucky participants and they quickly broke the bank with three wins in short order, these two are now banned from Las Vegas. The field trips were well attended and lots of rock came back to camp. Lot’s of friends were renewed and new ones made, the food and drinks were good and that’s what it’s really all about.

Good luck to all and thanks again. Lena, Charlie and Barney