Ripple Rock Gem and Mineral Club

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  August 7th from 10 am until around 3 pm saw a group of 7 club members gather on the back lawn at the shop for a soapstone carving workshop. 

Organized by Beba Adams and lead by Bob Hayhurst and Shane Mawhinney the group worked on creating or in some cases finishing projects in soapstone.

It was an excellent day for this activity as there was only the slightest of breezes and very good sunlight. We  had to move under the shade in the afternoon to keep ourselves cooled off.  Pictured working on their projects are Shane, Mike Boas, Bev Bowman, Beba Adams, and Bob Hayhurst. Ken Palmblad was out back grinding away with his electric tool and was invisible in the cloud of dust so no picture was available.  After our hotdog lunch break we continued on finishing as much of our pieces as we could amid the constant talk. Lots of rock related conversations ensued and some of us even went off topic to discuss issues of importance or significance. It was a wonderful day. Our thanks to the organizer and leaders.

Gordon Burkholder


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