October 2012 Adam River Outing

Even though the weather was threatening a dozen rock hounds made the 45 minute drive north from Campbell River to the Adam River on Saturday. Wagonmaster, Shane Mawhinney had scouted the area with Ron McBurney the day before and let us know that there was a lot of rock to be harvested.

            We accessed the river off the Upper Adam Main just a short distance off the highway. Summer run off had gone and the river was at its lowest level revealing a very extensive amount of rock. Downstream from the bridge was accessed a few hundred feet on the UA D3 road. A short trail led through the bush to an exposed bar that was several hundred metres long and nearly 50 metres wide. Collecting epidote, dallasite and banded chert was there at our feet. Some large rock specimens were lugged off the bar with trolleys and carts.

A special piece was even “tubed” from below the bridge about half a kilometer to the loading spot at the bridge. Time spent getting these specimens out was well worth it.

We travelled further up the UA D3 to see if we could find a spot where core samples had been left but were unsuccessful.

            Interestingly, a club member went up to the Adam just a day later and reported that the torrential rainfall had raised the river and covered the bars completely. We all felt pretty fortunate in the timing of our visit to the Adam River.

Peter is surveying the site as more prospectors arrive.

The lichen on this rock is very attractive!

This chert has some nice pink through it.

A nice piece of banded chert. (The rock, not me!)

Another perspective on the banded rock.

The size of these exposed beds is spectacular!