Hello club members.

 I am writing this to share with those of you joining our Fraser River field trip this weekend some updates. 

 As I write this it is actually snowing here on Quadra Island (Wednesday night)!  Being an optimist I am convinced that it is going to warm up and the snow will turn to rain which makes all the lovely rocks shiny and easy to identify. 

 Main update: I originally had the meeting time set on Saturday (and Sunday) at 10 a.m.  Some people are taking the first ferry from Nanaimo which is 6:30 a.m.;  this gets into Yale around 10:30-11:00 a.m.  so we'll start then, when people show up.

 Final note: I am going a day early and will be there on Friday morning... if there is snow everywhere I will send out an email to warn people of this.  I really hope this doesn't happen so think warm and happy thoughts and I hope to see you there.

 Shane Mawhinney Wagonmaster


Hello fellow rockhounders

 Here are the details on our upcoming trip to Yale on the Fraser River.

Firstly, I am changing the dates of the trip, moving it up by one week to the March 12 & 13 weekend.  The reason is that this season is warmer than usual and I’m concerned that the river may start to rise making the bar at Yale inaccessible

At this point I don’t have a list of who might be coming. I need you to contact me if you are planning on going so that I know who to expect.  My phone number is 250-285-3465.

TRIP DETAILS: We will meet at the Yale bar at 10 am on March 12th.       . And again March 13th same time same place.

 TO GET THERE: driving the trans-Canada just north of Yale, take the first right immediately after crossing a small bridge.  This road goes across the railroad tracks and that is where the Yale bar is.  If you happen to go through a tunnel you have gone too far.  This is where we will meet.

Yale is cold this time of year so prepare to keep warm and be ready for rain.  Sturdy footwear is a must as the bars are full of boulders and in some places can be slippery.  A squirt bottle is great for making the rocks shine and washing off the silt.   Rock hammer, backpack or bucket for carrying your rocks.

 Hope to see you there, and remember to contact me if you are planning on joining this trip!

 Shane Mawhinney Wagon Master.