Hi the trip was good.  Unfortunately the gordonite was buried.  The spot where we collected was under about ten feet of dirt!  We did manage to get some good rock but it was not easy pickings.  We stopped at bonanza lake.  At the shores of the lake we found some beautiful eroded marble.  We also stopped at the marble mine again, where we found another larger quarry, an impressive amount of work went on there!  We all went away with some good finds. There was 14 of us.

 shane mawhinney


Here is the entrance and the reason we were calling this the "Uvula Cave". It is at the far end of Bonanza lake, we went in about 50' before it split into 3 smaller caves, it would be belly crawl to explore further. The Marble quarry it just uphill from this cave, lots of good material beside the road. Bob